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INOKSAN 7SE05–Boiling Pan

INOKSAN 7SE05–Boiling Pan

1 module – Electrical

All electrical and control equipment are suitable to international standards.

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Device body is made from 18/8 Cr-Nİ stainless steel stone plate, other internal parts are made from aluminum plate

Cover is made from stainless steel plate which is special formed for endurance and it has double wall. .

Indirect cooking is available with bain-marie system in which oil goes around pan.

Multi stage thermostat can adjust temperature between 60-180°C

Oil’s, around pan (jacket), boiling temperature is over 200°C

Water filling (hot/cold) and draining valves are on the device.

There is a safety discharge valve for cooked material which is specially formed for undesirable openings

There is a safety system that cut the electricity if any malfunction occurs at pan (limited thermostat)

Heating typeIndirect

Heat capacity6 kW

Electric input380-400V 3N AC 50-60Hz

Cable section5*2,5 mm2

Basin capacity50 lt

Water input¾ “

Dimensions600*730*850 mm