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INOKSAN 7IG22–Grill/½ Smooth+½Ribbed

INOKSAN 7IG22–Grill/½ Smooth+½Ribbed

Full module / ½ module smooth + ½ ribbed module – Gas heated

All gas and control equipment are suitable to international standards.

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Device body is made from 18/8 Cr-Nİ stainless steel stone plate, other internal parts are made from aluminum plate

There is a fat receiver channel and fat evacuation system in front of the fry surface.

Fat is gathered at stainless steel drawer and it can be easily cleaned.

While frying, there is stainless plate at three corners to prevent splash.

It works with LPG or natural gas and it can be transformed without modification (just injector change)

There is a gas cock with flame safety screw (if flame is out, gas is automatically cut out)

Grill Dimensions796*490 mm

Heat capacity12 kW

Gas input ¾ “

Dimensions800*730*850 mm