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Alto Shaam Holding Cabinet 300-S


Compact and convenient. The 300-S is made for small spaces, from food trucks to compact commercial kitchens. Tight temperature tolerances and even heat distribution add efficiency to any operation. The stackable, ventless design also helps to optimize any small space.

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  • Sealed, static holding environment traps natural flavor and juices, reducing shrink, improving food quality and extending hold life.
  • Maintain food quality. Keep product at its perfect serving temperature and hold for hours without overcooking or drying out.
  • Easy to operate. Adjustable, electronic thermostat with digital display monitors the inside temperature to ensure food is being held at safe and precise temperatures.
  • Easy to clean. Simply remove shelves and wipe clean.
  • Greater yields and less food waste with Halo Heat technology. Minimize food costs with less overcooking and shrinkage compared to conventional holding.
  • Select models available with a pass through design for easy loading and more access to held food.
  • Door venting optional on specific models to hold crispy food with the highest quality.
  • Expand menus. Reduce prep time and labor costs. Prepare food hours before serving, and hold it at the optimal temperature for the best quality and taste at time of service.
  • Energy savings. Costs less to operate.
  • Made in the USA with a commitment to quality.

Dimensions Ext.466 x 443 x 645 (mm)

Dimensions Int.305 x 348 x 546 (mm)

Electric230V / 50Hz / 1Ph / 3.9A

Power (kw)0.8

Capacity / Pan Capacity16kg / 28.5L / 3 GN1/1

Weight (kg)29 / 57